Friday, August 2, 2013

Chicken Charlie

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to Calamba for some errands and after that we went to try the newly opened Chicken Charlie at Sm. He said that it was a bit similar to Bonchon and so we immediately went there to have our lunch.

6pcs chicken wings in Soy garlic and Hot sweet sauce

3pcs wing in Soy garlic

The taste is not exactly the same as that of Bonchon but it is also delicious and definitely worth it for a first try. I think we now have a new place to eat at whenever we would be at Sm Calamba.

By the end of the day we watched Bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo? a movie by Kim Chiu and Xian Lim. This movie was based on the book written by Ramon Bautista. It was a great movie because it's really funny and we were laughing the whole time. Aaaand, ang pogi ni Xian Lim :"> hahahaha sorry na baby, ikaw naman yung love ko eh :>

<3 Gia

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