About the Blogger

Ghine Khoo, more commonly known as Gia is a 21-year old who aspires to be a professional make up artist someday. Her passion for make up artistry is like no other, often times she would watch make up tutorials on Youtube or read reviews from random blogs to build up her knowledge about make up. Her number one hobby would be collecting make up products and doing reviews about them to share her opinions and verdict about that certain product.

Aside from her love for make up, Gia also loves to dress up and keep up with the latest fashion trends. She also likes to go to different places, try new foods or restaurants and also to take random pictures.

Gia is a very simple person, although she might look like she's mataray or masungit but deep inside it's the complete opposite. She is a very friendly person and she would usually earn a new friend just by talking to him/her for 30 minutes or more. She is someone who loves to smile at people whenever she would pass by them at school or at the mall. Her friends would usually open up their problem to her because they know that she is a good listener and she usually gives the best advice.