Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rainy tuesday

It really sucks when it rains whenever you plan to go out, but today it did not stop us to push through with our plan. 

Every time we go out and he would bring his car we never fail to take lots of photos while he's driving hahahaha i know, it's dangerous but we can't help it. We love to take silly pictures together. Oh and by the way, sometimes he would dance while driving too =)) talk about multitasking.

So the boyfriend accompanied me to finish some errand at east west bank and then we went to Sm Calamba to have our lunch at Pizza Hut.

While waiting for lunch to be served, the vain couple proceeded on taking more photos =)) People often think that we are brothers and sisters because somehow we look alike XD

We ordered Caesar salad, Chicken pesto penne, Texas bake and Cream of mushroom.

There is never a dull moment when I am with my boyfriend because he is so "game" with all of the suggestions that I would present whenever we go out. And he is also like an instant clown so I would end up laughing my ass of the whole time.

<3 Gia