Monday, September 2, 2013

Vanilla cupcake bakery

Cupcakes became a very popular dessert nowadays since it is easy to handle and eat at the same time. Selling cupcakes became a new business line especially for those stay at home mommies or baking enthusiast today. Whether you're at the mall or at home browsing through the internet you would see cupcake sellers everywhere. And this cupcake seller would be my most favorite and I must say it was "love at first sight" 

Vanilla cupcake bakery is located at Alabang Town Center. It is situated on top of Starbucks and you would immediately notice it because of its dollhouse-like design. I was not able to take a photo when I got inside but I must say, they do have a very nice interior design. It's very girly and princess-y and the whole atmosphere itself is very relaxing. 

Here's what we ordered.

The famous red velvet cupcake


and Apple iced tea.

I would surely visit again soon and maybe I would bring some of my girlfriends along for a cupcake or two and some chitchat. 

<3 Gia