Thursday, June 20, 2013

Favorite lipsticks/tints

I have always been a lip addict and my make up would usually compose of 80% lipstick/lip tint. I don't know but I just can't stop myself from hoarding lip products. From lipsticks to lip tints, balm stains, lip gloss, lip balm etc. Now I would be sharing with you my top lip products which I usually grab when I am on the go.

1. Etude House Dear my blooming lips talk (OR204)

The cute packaging is the very first thing that caught my eye, with a shiny pink body and a cute bow accent. Etude House products are known for their cute packaging that comes along with being affordable and of good quality.

OR204 is coral pink in color which is a popular lip color nowadays

2. Etude House Fresh cherry tint (PK002)

The fresh cherry tint is a very moisturizing milky lip tint compared to other normal lip tints which are a bit dry when applied.

Like other lip tints in the market it also comes with a doe foot applicator. 

When I am too lazy to put any lipstick on or whenever I do not want that heavy feeling on my lips, I would usually grab a lip tint and swipe it onto my lips. I usually apply 1-2 coats on the entire lips and another 2 coats on the inner part of my lips to achieve that gradient effect.

3. Etude House Dear my essence in lips talk (EPK003)

Dear my essence in lips talk is something that is in between a lipstick and a tinted lip balm. It is not that thick but it gives a proper amount of color on the lips depending on how many coats applied.

4. Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain

 So far this is my most favorite lip product from Revlon, the kissable balm stain. And among the 4 colors that I own this would be my most favorite.

It is in a form of a lip balm but it has the long lasting effect of a lip stain. I love to put this on whenever I would go out for the whole day and I would be eating most of the time or I am just too lazy to touch up. 

This balm stain is a bit hard to remove though because it stays on for a long time and it would even leave a mark on the lips.

5. Etude House Look at my lips (#9)

This would be my go to nude lippie. I usually wear this  whenever I would put some heavy eyeliner on to balance my look.

6. The body shop lip and cheek stain

I love how natural this tint looks when applied. It doesn't show off color that much but it leaves a certain amount of pinkish natural stain on the lips.

Like the fresh cherry tint, it also comes with a doe foot applicator which makes application easy. 

I usually grab this when I am not in the mood to put any make up on whenever I would go out to buy something and when I need just a bit of color on my lips.

feel free to comment down below for questions and I would be glad to answer them :)

<3 Gia